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Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

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GenAlpha's Lavender Essential Oil, recognized among the best essential oils in India, is a superior choice for Aromatherapy, specifically tailored for mental health. Our premium lavender essential oil, sourced meticulously, offers unparalleled benefits for a calming and relaxing experience.

Features and Benefits:

  • Promotes mental well-being and relaxation.
  • Distinctly crafted for superior quality and effectiveness.
  • Elevates Aromatherapy practices for optimal mental calm.
  • Versatile applications with a multitude of benefits.

How to Use:

  • Add 3-4 drops for a serene ambiance in your diffuser.
  • Apply a drop to your pillow or cloth for calming sleep.
  • Direct inhalation for quick mental refreshment.
  • Incorporate into massage with any oil or your bath water for a soothing experience.

Delivery: Estimated delivery within 3-7 business days.

**Do not apply directly on the skin, as it is a pure essential oil and can cause an allergic reaction. A patch test is recommended.

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