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Male Intimate Foam Wash Hygiene Wash Prevents Itching, Irritation & Bad Odor 100ml

Male Intimate Foam Wash Hygiene Wash Prevents Itching, Irritation & Bad Odor 100ml

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  • Moisturizes your dry skin
  • Completely Natural with No Synthetic Fragrance
  • Antibacterial wash so that it's a no-bacteria zone always
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin as Tested Dermatologically


Neem Extracts– Treats wounds, Dry Skin and Minor Cuts; Vitamin- E Extracts: Improves skin Firmness and Hydration.

How to Use

1. Clean off the intimate area with water gently
2. Apply GenAlpha Intimate Wash to the Genitals
3. Rub gently in a circular motion.
4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Forget the days when you struggled with the constant itching and unhygienic of intimate areas. Now, ditch the itch with GenAlpha Men's Intimate Wash for men like you who works a lot and want to keep their intimate clean and hygienic.
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Why do I need an Intimate area wash for Men?

Intimate areas are closed off; as a result, the intimate areas become smelly and filled with bacteria. So it would help if you had a special wash that is gentle on your sensitive skin.

Can I use soap to clean intimate areas?

No, soap is a little harder on sensitive skin. It would help if you had a milder wash that does not damage sensitive skin or intimate areas.

Is GenAlpha intimate wash Natural?

Yes, GenAlpha intimate wash has 100% Natural Active Ingredients.

Is this safe for my skin?

Yes, The Intimate wash from Genalpha is dermatologically tested, so rest assured of the quality.

Why should I choose GenAlpha Intimate Wash?

GenAlpha Intimate Wash is an ideal choice for intimate washing because it is completely safe, proven by skin experts, and budget-friendly.